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Announcements and Upcoming Events

No announcements or upcoming events at this time.

Training Sessions

Fall 2014 On-Site Presentations

On-site presentations were held in Missoula, Bozeman, and Billings. Links to individual presentations and other resources are below.

Agenda Scavenger Hunt Answer Key


Web Ex Presentations

Provider 101
Presented by Aaron Hahm, Xerox Field Rep, this session covers locating resources on the website, including manuals, fee schedules, provider notices, the Claim Jumper newsletters. In addition, he will discuss the importance of the Training page as a resource and information posted there, as well as the MATH web portal and related tutorials.

View the Recorded 09/08/2014 Provider 101 WebEx Presentation

Presented by Phil Currey, Xerox Field Rep, this session covers trading partner, provider, and patient setup on WINASAP. Also covers professional claims and uploading to the MATH web portal.

View the Recorded 09/09/2014 WINASAP 5010 WebEx Presentation

Plan First
Presented by Liz LeLacheur, HMK/Plan First Program Officer, this session discusses the new Plan First program application and covered codes list.

View the Recorded 09/10/2014 Plan First WebEx Presentation

PDF-Only Version of Plan First

Presented by Heather Racicot, Medicaid Child and Maternal Health Nurse, this session provides an overview of the EPSDT program.

View the recorded 09/11/2014 EPSDT WebEx Presentation

Presented by Liz LeLacheur, HMK/Plan First Program Officer, this session covers HMK updates.

View the Recorded 09/11/2014 HMK WebEx Presentation

PDF-Only Version of HMK

Presented by Jan Paulsen, Dental Program Officer.

View the 09/12/2014 Dental WebEx Presentation

Presented by Jennifer Rieden, Hospitals Program Officer.

View the 09/12/2014 Hospitals WebEx Presentation

2014 Spring Provider Fair

The PowerPoint presentations in PDF format are posted below. If you have questions about the information presented at the Provider Fair, contact Xerox Provider Relations at 1.800.624.3958 and ask to speak to one of the field reps.

Day 1 Day 2, Continued

Day 2

Fall 2013 Provider Training On-Site Presentations

Fall 2013 WebEx Sessions September 2013
Below are PDF versions of the presentations and recorded WebEx sessions.




The forms are undergoing updates and updated samples will be posted at a later date.

  • Address Correction
  • Individual Adjustment Request
  • Paperwork Attachment Cover Sheet
  • Request for Blanket Denial

Other Training

Children's Mental Health Bureau (CMHB) Outpatient Therapy Presentation CMHB Presentation (December 2012)
Covers Department policy changes, CPT code updates, and billing practices.