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Medicaid Information and Resources

Welcome to the Medicaid Provider Information website. Below are some tips for using this website as well as some frequently requested resources, and Medicaid statistics..

Tips for Using this Site
  • Most of the information on this website is organized by provider type. Each provider type has a page containing all of the resources that pertain to that provider. To find a fee schedule, provider manual, notice, key contact, or other information that applies to your provider type, click on Resources by Provider Type located on the menu to the left, and then select your provider type.

  • The easiest way to get to this site is by typing "www.mtmedicaid.org" into your browser. Consider bookmarking/making this site a Favorite for quick access.

  • If you are having problems viewing this site, you may need to download the free Adobe Shockwave Player and the Adobe Flash Player from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/.

  • Most of the documents on this site require Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/.

  • If anything on this website is not working correctly, e-mail the webmaster using the options at the bottom of the page. Please do not e-mail claim questions.

  • New and updated information is added to this site nearly every day, so visit us often!

Frequently Requested Resources

General Medicaid Information (04/2012)
The General Information for Providers manual is for all providers and is available on every provider's page. For additional manuals and other information, click on Resources by Provider Type on the menu to the left of the screen, and then select the appropriate provider type.

Member Eligibility (04/2012)
Instructions for verifying client eligibility.

Prior Athorization (PA) (03/2012)
This document contains general information on requesting prior authorization. Each program is different and the steps for requesting prior authorization vary, so we recommend consulting the Medicaid manual for your provider type for specific instructions.

Medicaid Covered Services (04/2012)
This list contains Medicaid covered services by provider type. The list indicates whether Passport or prior authorization is required for the service, whether the services is covered under Basic or Full Medicaid, and any applicable age restrictions.

Local Offices of Public Assistance Contacts (02/2012)
This document contains a list of local office of public assistance addresses, phone and fax numbers.

Program Policy Contacts
Questions regarding Medicaid program policies should be directed to the addresses or phone numbers listed in this document.

General Key Contacts (02/2012)
This document has contacts for questions regarding claims, Passport to Health, electronic billing and more.

General Key Websites (02/2012)
This document shows a list of useful websites. You may also visit our web links page by selecting Web Links from the menu on the left for quick links to these and other websites.

Medicaid Statistics

These pages provide statistics on Medicaid providers, members, and claims.